Bainsford Parish Church Congregation: Falkirk Bainsford


Alastair Horne

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About the Church

Sunday morning services are currently being held in the Church Hall at 10am, as the Sanctuary is currently closed on safety grounds.

Since the retirement of the previous minister in 2014 Bainsford has been vacant.

The Interim Moderator is Rev Alastair Horne and the Locum is Rev Andrew Sarle.

Bainsford Church has very active and welcoming Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Companies, and also has a great relationship with the two local Primary Schools (Bainsford and Langlees). There is a Ladies Group which meets fortnightly on Mondays.

Other activities in the Church Hall include a Scottish Country Dance group, a Zumba class, and Dance Dreams.

Worship Times

Sunday Morning10.00 am
Newcarron Court11.00am, first (usually) Monday each month
Harley Court10.30am, first (usually) Wednesday each month

Contact Info

Hendry Street, Bainsford

01324 621648